Dr Chapman presents papers at Tyre Recycling Conference

TARRC's Head of Materials & Biotechnology Division, Dr Andy Chapman, presented two papers at the 19th Annual ETRA Conference on Tyre Recycling - Responsibility and Innovation: Sustainable Products, New Markets. The conference was held from 21st-23rd March 2012 at the NH Sablon Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

The event is organised by the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA) and offers plenary sessions, discussion and debate on key issues of concern to tyre recyclers within and outside of the EU. The sessions concentrated on the legislation and regulations impacting on the production and use of recycled tyre materials. Individual panels opened discussions on key legislation and policies that provide the context for recycling – but can, under certain circumstances, create barriers particularly for Micro and Small companies. New technologies, materials and products were also discussed.

One of Dr Chapman's papers introduced TARRC (and Rubber Consultants) and its involvement in rubber recycling projects, briefly reviewing the options for post-consumer tyres. The other focussed on studies at TARRC aimed at recycling rubber back into tyres. Based on these studies, up to about 40% recycled crumb can be incorporated into truck tyre treads, while still achieving good performance. Indeed, rolling resistance of tyres with recycled rubber powder is generally lower than in control tyres, and hence fuel economy should be improved.

Dr Chapman found the conference very interesting with many engaging discussions held. He commented, 'Somewhat to my surprise, a lot of the participants were interested or active in tyre pyrolysis. Considering how much the cost of both natural and synthetic rubber has risen over recent years, and that these increases are likely to be sustained, recycling of rubber from post-consumer tyres back into new tyres should be increasingly attractive commercially, as well ecologically'.

If you have any questions about Dr Chapman's papers please contact him at achapman@tarrc.co.uk

For more information on the conference and the ETRA please take a look at their website.


March 2012
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