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TARRC's Colin Robinson on the A5 HelpdeskTARRC's Helpdesk for Malaysian Manufacturers

The A5 team from TARRC and Malaysian Rubber Board (LGM) has a technical advisory Helpdesk, which is accessible to all Malaysian SMEs on a year round basis.

With the aim to provide a response within 48 hours, this confidential service is designed to provide assistance with production issues, compounding and mixing advice, formulation queries, product failure, machine selection and process layout.

E-mail all enquiries to: A5support@tarrc.co.uk

TARRC also provides a similar industrial support service to the global rubber industry through its consultancy unit, Rubber Consultants.

E-mail all enquiries to: RCsupport@tarrc.co.uk

The A5 Support Team
Industrial Support Unit
Hertford, UK
SG13 8NL
T: +44 (0)1992 584966
F: +44 (0)1992 554837
E: A5support@tarrc.co.uk




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