TARRC Scientist amongst prize winners in Poster Competition

TARRC Scientist amongst prize winners in Poster Competition

Dr Anna Kepas-Suwara and her prize winning posterTARRC’s Dr Anna Kepas-Suwara, of the Advanced Materials & Product Development Unit, attended Asylum Research’s 3rd UK Forum and User Meeting on 21st June 2011 in Edinburgh, UK.

Dr Kepas-Suwara also submitted a poster presentation titled “AFM Relaxation Studies of Rubber Vulcanisates” into the poster competition of which she was one of the prize winners.

The poster reported stress relaxation phenomenon in silica-filled ENR 25, NR and cis-BR rubbers using the depth-sensing indentation method. The poster was based on a paper previously presented at the Tire Technology Conference, in Cologneon 15th February 2011.

Dr Kepas-Suwara valued the experience the forum provided and expressed her delight with the recognition her poster received, “ Being new in any given field makes you not as confident about the work you do and about the approaches you take to tackle the problems that arise. The meetings held with AFM professionals confirmed that I was on the right path and progressively building up my knowledge. I was really pleased to attend an event which gave me the chance to have detailed technical conversations and the opportunity to share my achievements which were acknowledged by AFM experts”.

The Annual User Meeting is open to all Asylum users and AFM researchers that are interested in sharing their research results and learning more about recent technical advancements in AFM/SPM. For details on Asylum Research’s 3rd UK Forum and User Meeting go to www.asylumresearch.com/UKForum/index.shtml

To take a look at a pdf of the poster click here

If you wish to know more about Anna's prize-winning poster please contact her at aksuwara@tarrc.co.uk

For more information about Asylum Research visit their website www.asylumresearch.co.uk


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