TARRC welcomes visit by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia

On Thursday 5th April 2012 TARRC welcomed a visit by five members of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM). The visit was led by the Academy CEO Dr Ahmad Ibrahim, who was a former Head of the Dry Rubber Unit at the Malaysian Rubber Board. After a briefing by TARRC's CEO, Dr Kamarudin Ab-Malek, who was made a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia in November 2010, the visitors were given a tour of TARRC's various laboratories.

1. Dr Kamarudin Ab-Malek, TARRC's CEO, briefing Dr Ahmad Ibrahim about TARRC's activities.
Dr Maria Kolesnikova-Allen, Head of TARRC's Biotechnology Unit in the biotech lab.
TARRC's Dr Andy Chapman, Head of the Materials & Biotechnology Division, speaks to the visitors on the tour.
Dr Kamarudin Ab-Malek and Dr Ahmad Ibrahim in TARRC's new lab which opened at the start of 2012.
5. TARRC's Hamid Ahmadi, Head of the Industry Support & Engineering Design Division, explains to Dr Ahmad Ibrahim how
    vibration isolators are tested

The opportunity for ASM to visit TARRC was due to them visiting their ASM facilities in the U.S and London.

The role of ASM is to advise the Malaysian government on matters relating to national importance; fostering a culture of excellence in science, engineering and technology; upgrading the technological capability and competency of the Malaysian industry and establishing international collaboration and cooperation.

For more information on The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) please visit their website.


April 2012
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