TARRC features in BBC Four documentary

BBC iPlayerIn August 2011 the BBC filmed footage at TARRC for a BBC Four documentary series called 'How It Works'. Over the Easter weekend, Monday 9th April 2012, the 60-minute programme was aired and included a five-minute section reconstructing the eureka moment of the discovery of the vulcanisation of rubber. This part of the documentary was filmed at TARRC with the Director of Research, Dr Stuart Cook, taking a starring role!

The three part series looks at the secret alchemy of material science and reveals how materials are transformed and how materials transform the world. The three episodes are simply titled:

1. Metal: How It Works
2. Plastic: How It Works
3. Ceramics: How They Work

The presenter of the series, Prof. Mark Miodownik, tells the story of plastics and how they have brought luxury to the masses and shaped the modern age.

The story begins with rubber and how Charles Goodyear first discovered the vulcanisation process, as experts in this field TARRC was pleased to assist the BBC in demonstrating this significant scientific achievement.

Watch it on the BBC iPlayer

Watch it on the BBC iPlayer until Monday 21st May 2012.

Plastic: How It Works on the BBC iPlayer


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