TARRC is Awarded BBSRC Industrial CASE PhD Studentship

TARRC is Awarded BBSRC Industrial CASE PhD Studentship

TARRC is Awarded BBSRC Industrial CASE PhD StudentshipWarwick University in partnership with TARRC has been awarded a BBSRC Industrial CASE PhD studentship (www.bbsrc.ac.uk), which will be focusing on 'Increasing latex yield in the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis by targeted expression of aquaporins'. Applicants are sought to join the research groups of Dr Lorenzo Frigerio at Warwick University and Dr Alessandra Di Cola at TARRC in autumn 2012.

The unique properties of natural rubber obtained from Hevea brasiliensis make it the polymer of choice for many familiar products including tyres. Worldwide demand is expected to double by 2020 and is likely to increase further as concerns grow about the cost and long-term sustainability of crude oil, from which the alternative synthetic rubbers are produced. The yields of cultivated Hevea clones are currently limited by traditional agronomic practices and the development of new high yielding clones has followed conventional methods, taking many years to bring them to the field. This project will be an essential first step in a new breeding programme aiming to produce Hevea trees with the capacity to naturally generate high latex flow rates.

The BBSRC’s (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering (CASE) are 4-year doctoral training grants designed to enable top quality bioscience graduates to receive high quality research training and to undertake research (leading to a PhD degree) on a subject selected and supervised jointly by academic and industrial partners.

The project will combine Warwick University’s expertise in cell biology of plant aquaporins with the TARRC’s leading expertise in rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) genomics, proteomics and transformation technology. The project will provide a unique multidisciplinary exposure for a student through excellent academic training opportunities in plant molecular biology and cell biology, as well as bioimaging, at Warwick University, combined with the training in applied plant biotechnology that will be provided by TARRC, together with experience of commercial application.

For more information on this Studentship or to submit an application (submission deadline is 27th April 2012) please go to the position advert on www.jobs.ac.uk.

More information can also be found on the Warwick University website.


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