Biotechnology Unit Awarded UKAS Accreditation

Biotechnology Unit Awarded UKAS Accreditation

UKAS Technical Assessor, Graham Logan, assessing Diane Warner of the Biotechnology UnitAt the end of September 2011 TARRC’s Biotechnology Unit was awarded UKAS-accreditation for a specific laboratory method, the modified Lowry assay.

This method, based on the international standards EN455 and ASTM D5712, involves the quantification of aqueous extractable protein from rubber products such as latex gloves and balloons. The protein levels in these products are indicative of their allergenic potential and, consequently, many manufacturers require assurance that their products are of a sufficient standard before they are placed on the market.

The Biotechnology Unit has now joined the Materials Characterisation Unit and the Tyre Testing Laboratory as one of TARRC's UKAS-approved contract laboratories. This should ultimately attract more commercial clients who require such testing to be completed by a UKAS-approved test laboratory.

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October 2011
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