TARRC visited by Malaysian construction authorities and industry players

TARRC received a visit in April from a delegation of officials from the Malaysian Ministry of Works and the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) were also in attendance, together with representatives from the CIDB subsidiary CIDB e.construct and the company Ekovest Berhad.

TARRC visited by CIDB and delegation

The delegation was led by Tan Sri Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Ali, Chairman of CIDB Malaysia, accompanied by Dato' Ir. Ahmad 'Asri bin Abdul Hamid, Chief Executive of CIDB Malaysia and Datuk Ir. Haji Ismail bin Md Salleh, Director General of Malaysia Highway Authority, Rofizlan Ahmad, CEO of CIDB e.construct and Datuk Seri Lim Keng Cheng, Managing Director of Ekovest Berhad.

Tan Sri Dr. Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Ali is also Chairman of UEM Group Berhad, the Malaysian company which was responsible for the construction of Malaysia’s Second Penang Bridge. Tan Sri Dr Tajuddin was previously the Director-General of the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia, SIRIM, and the President of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, amongst others, and has recently been appointed as Chairman of SIRIM.

The visit to TARRC was part of a series of meetings with construction industry experts in the UK, particularly in relation to safety of the general public as well as workers.

TARRC’s CEO, Dato’ Dr Kamarudin Ab-Malek, explained the history of TARRC’s innovative work on the use of laminated natural rubber bearings, firstly for the Pelham Bridge in Lincoln, UK in the late 1950s, through the first use of bearings in buildings to prevent vibration from underground trains. The application of high damping natural rubber bearings for protection of buildings from earthquakes came in the 1980s, through TARRC’s collaboration with the University of Berkeley, California. In contrast other methods of protecting damage to the structures, the use of laminated rubber bearings also protects the people and the equipment inside the building. The construction of the second Penang Bridge, in Malaysia, which opened in 2014, demonstrates the use of this technology in a bridge, whilst also providing protection against earthquake damage. This was the first commercial application of this technology in Malaysia and uses locally manufactured bearings. Bearings using these principles have also been used successfully to protect the dry dock for nuclear submarines in Rosyth, Scotland.

Tan Sri Dr Tajuddin presented Dato’ Dr Kamarudin with the insignia of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK)

During the visit, Tan Sri Dr Tajuddin presented Dato’ Dr Kamarudin with the insignia of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), which they had both attended. MCKK was established in 1905, as the first boarding school in Malaysia.

For more information on the visiting companies, please take a look at their official websites:

Malaysian Ministry of Works (KKR) www.kkr.gov.my

Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) www.llm.gov.my

CIDB www.cidb.gov.my

CIDB e.construct www.econstruct.com.my

Ekovest Berhad www.ekovest.com.my


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