TARRC acknowledged by the ETRMA

TARRC acknowledged by the ETRMA

TARRC has been acknowledged as a certified independent testing body by the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers' Association (ETRMA). On 1st March 2011 ETRMA urged EU and National Authorities to intensify and broaden testing and enforcement activities on the compliance with the PAH rich oil ban in tyres. After an initial round of testing on 110 tyres showed 11% were non-compliant, TARRC's long held expertise in rubber and tyre testing was utilised by ETRMA to independently verify initial findings.

ETRMA Press Release


TARRC's ISO21461 method is UKAS acredited and carried out by experienced and knowledgable analysts. We are also able to offer advice on the requirements of REACH and resuklts obtained during testing.
TARRC can also test a wide range of materials and products for REACH Directive compliance. For more information on REACH and TARRC's testing capabilities please visit our consultancy website; www.rubberconsultants.com


March 2011
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