TARRC win Gilson Trackman Duo-plate Pipetting Tracker

TARRC win Gilson Trackman Duo-plate Pipetting Tracker

TARRC’s Head of Biotechnology, Dr Maria Kolesnikova-Allen, recently won a ‘Trackman Duo-plate pipetting tracker’ from Gilson, after entering a prize draw online. This instrument is a new product from Gilson and has a list price of almost £500.

Maria Kolesnikova-Allen presented with the Gilson Trackman
(Above: TARRC's Maria Kolesnikova-Allen (left) presented with the Trackman by Kathryn English, Gilson UK)

When setting up multi-well reaction plates in the laboratory it is all too easy to lose track of which well sample or reagent has been added to, especially as most reagents are colourless. Reagents used in molecular biology assays are very expensive, and a simple pipetting error can therefore prove rather costly. The Trackman is designed to assist with the set up of reaction plates by using LED lights to illuminate the next well in the pipetting series. The user programmes the instrument with the desired pipetting pattern, including whether a single or multi-channel pipette is to be used. Upon pressing ‘Run’, the first well or set of wells in the series is illuminated, and the user dispenses into these wells. The next set in the series is then illuminated and the process is repeated until the whole plate has been quickly and accurately dispensed. The Trackman is adapted for 96-well and 384-well plates, both of which are frequently used in a range of assays performed by members of the Biotechnology Unit.

Maria is ‘overjoyed’ with her prize, and the Biotechnology team cannot wait to start putting it to good use.

If you wish to know more about the Gilson Trackman please visit www.gilsonuk.com or for more about the work carried out by TARRC's Biotechnology department please contact mkallen@tarrc.co.uk


June 2011
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