Biotechnology papers presented at IRRDB Workshop, Malaysia

Biotechnology papers presented at IRRDB Workshop, Malaysia

IRRDB Workshop, MalaysiaThe 2011 IRRDB (International Rubber Research and Development Board) workshop took place at the MRB Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur from 30th May to 1st June.

The meeting was well attended by representatives from several research centres based in Europe such as Cirad and TARRC, as well as from USA, Cameroon and Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Philippines, all historically involved in rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) research.

The main topics of discussion were Hevea genomics and genomics-related research, bioinformatics tools for sequence analysis, Hevea genetic transformation and molecular pathology.

Dr Stuart Cook, TARRC’s Director for Research, along with Dr Alessandra Di Cola and Mr Ewan Mollison from TARRC’s Biotechnology Unit, who both presented talks on research progress in focus areas, participated in the workshop.

Ewan Mollison spoke on progress on the sequencing, assembly, initial annotation and bioinformatics tools for the Hevea genome project carried out jointly by UK-based TARRC and TGAC (The Genome Analysis Centre, BBSRC), and the Biotechnology Unit of Rubber Research Institute (MRB) in Malaysia.

Alessandra Di Cola gave a talk on possible implications and applications for Hevea crop improvement arising from the sequencing data including development of molecular markers for clone fingerprinting and generation of disease resistant transgenic rubber trees.

The workshop concluded with a special genomics session at ACGT (Asiatic Centre of Genome Technology) at Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, that has extensive experience of the genomics of oil palm and Jatropha.

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