Industry Support & Engineering Design Division
Industry Support & Engineering Design Division

TARRC's Industry Support & Engineering Design Division is headed by Hamid Ahmadi and is made up of three units:

The Engineering Design Unit, headed by Dr Alan Muhr, and the Product Evaluation and Testing Unit and the Industrial Support Unit, headed by Dr Marina Fernando.

The Industry Development & Engineering Products Division is a centre of excellence for the development and design of rubber engineering components ranging from small automotive mounts and bushes through anti-seismic devices to large marine fenders. Engineers are not only experts in the principles of design of elastomeric engineering components, but also in general engineering functions such as shock, noise and vibration control.

TARRC’s comprehensive range of testing facilities also falls under this Division. Routine physical testing can be carried out to most international and national standards and the laboratory’s tyre testing equipment makes up one of the most comprehensive independent tyre test facilities in the world. The laboratories are also well equipped for the dynamic testing of materials and components.

TARRC also offers assistance to Malaysian product manufacturers with their factory production methods in the improvement of productivity and efficiency by reducing waste in all its forms. TARRC has experts in rubber technology and the capability to develop formulations and processes for tyre retreading, injection moulding, extrusion, calendering and compression moulding and assessment of rubber flow using the equipment in a modern mill room.

As Malaysia is the largest exporter of medical gloves in the world, we also have expertise in the issues surrounding protein allergy and other allergic reactions to latex products.

A list of TARRC staff can be found in Organisation structure.


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