Market Intelligence & Promotion Unit
Market Intelligence & Promotion Unit

TARRC's market development & promotion activities, which are carried out by the Market Intelligence and Promotion Unit, headed by Kristina Lawson, are overseen by the CEO, Dr Fauzi Mohd Som.

The primary role of the Market Intelligence and Promotion Unit is to promote trade and investment in the Malaysian rubber industry. The core activities are the expansion of markets for Malaysian rubber products in Europe and the US and the promotion of manufacturing activities in the Malaysian rubber industry.

The MIP Team
MIP Team: Gail Reader, Sarah Mahyudin, Kristina Lawson (Unit Head), Norain Tyler, David Cawthra

Increased participation in European and North American exhibitions is a vital activity for all staff where we can help to develop business relationships between Malaysian suppliers and buyers, and promote investment opportunities in the rubber products manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

This Unit covers:

Promotion of investment opportunities in the Malaysian rubber products sector.

Promotion of the strength and capability of the Malaysian rubber products industry.

Expanding manufacturing activities in Malaysia.

A list of TARRC staff can be found in Organisation structure.


March 2018
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