TARRC presents papers at rubber seminar

TARRC's Dr Pamela MartinOn Monday 13th May 2013, TARRC's young scientists Dr Pamela Martin and Graham Spiller from the Advanced Materials & Product Development Unit, gave presentations at the Manchester Polymer Group's 8th Annual Rubber Seminar, entitled 'Bridging the Gap'. The seminar was held at the Lancashire County Cricket Club.

Representatives from a wide cross section of the British rubber industry were present, including raw materials suppliers, compounders, research organisations, end users and organisations such as BRPPA and the Materials KTN.

Pamela presented her most recent work on 'Green tyre tread compounds based on silica reinforced EKOPRENA', focussing on the interactions in the silica network and between silica and the polymer. Key to the work were comparisons between EKOPRENA and synthetic rubbers that are in use in the tyre industry today.

A sustainable speciality NR material, EKOPRENA is produced in Malaysia and provides an alternative to synthetic rubber in tyres. EKOPRENA tyre compounds demonstrate groundbreaking performance in terms of low rolling resistance and high wet grip.

Plenty of interest and discussion was generated from Pamela’s talk, highlighting the important role that sustainable materials will play in moving the industry forward in the coming years.

For more information on EKOPRENA tyre tread compounds, contact Pamela.

TARRC's Graham SpillerGraham gave a talk on 'Novor 800 - A new heat-resistant vulcanising system', a new addition to the Novor family of high performance curing agents. Novor agents were developed at TARRC and are now distributed through its commercial sister company, Elgem Technology. Novor 800 gives a reversion resistant cure, and good initial properties that are relatively unaffected by vulcanisation temperature. Novor 800 retains the superb ageing performance which is characteristic of all Novor cure systems. Fatigue life of Novor cured compounds increases after ageing, rather than decreasing as would be expected from a conventional cure.

Novor 800 allows the compounder to use nitrosamine safe accelerators such as TBzTD with Novor systems for the first time, and improves on previous grades in key areas such as compression set.

A number of enquiries arose from the day, and if you would like more information, please contact Graham.


June 2013
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