Speciation & Adulteration Testing now offered by RC

Speciation & Adulteration Testing now offered by RCTARRC's Rubber Consultants now offers Speciation and Adulteration testing.

There is also a new information sheet for Biotechnology services and Analytical testing covering:

- Molecular marker development and application
- Natural rubber latex products: allergens monitoring
- 2D gel based proteomics
- Bioinformatics
- NEW: Speciation & adulteration testing for meat (including Halal compliance)
- Substances of special concern (PAH, nitrosamines and MBT)
- Extractables & leachables or migration testing (eg from packaging to product)
- Compliance with legislation, including REACH

For more information on this please take a look at our NEW information sheet.

Also, please contact Dr Maria Kolesnikova-Allen MKAllen@tarrc.co.uk


4th September 2014
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