TARRC visited by chemical engineering students from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

On Wednesday 11th April 2012 TARRC welcomed a group of ten chemical engineering students from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). This was part of their week long 'Green Technology and Renewable Energy Exposure' trip to the UK where they were visiting various scientific establishments and universities. The group was led by Senior Lecturer, Dr Anwar Johari, from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at UTM.

As the students arrived they were given an introductory talk by the Director of Research, Dr Stuart Cook, in the grand jacobean conference room (1).

They were given a tour of the laboratories where they were shown the wide range of facilities and testing equipment used at TARRC. They also made stops in the Biotechnology Unit (2), the mill room (3) and the tyre testing and retreading area (4) where TARRC's sustainable tyre development programme was discussed (5). Throughout the tour the students asked questions regarding rubber technology and TARRC's role in the Malaysian rubber industry.

A final group photo (6) was taken in TARRC's reception area before they departed.

UTM chemical engineering students visit TARRC

For more information on the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia take a look at their website www.utm.my


April 2012
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