Improving Quality, Productivity and Efficiency of Rubber Component Manufacturers & the PRIM GJIPC 2010

TARRC's A5 Project & the PRIM GJIPC 2010

TARRC’s Graham Bennett of the Industrial Support Unit, has just returned from Malaysia after a project A5 visit; improving quality, productivity and efficiency of rubber product manufacturing, and giving a paper at the PRIM Golden Jubilee International Polymer Conference 2010. The A5 project is a key activity in TARRC’s Industrial Support Unit and offers a complete factory troubleshooting service to rubber product manufacturers. After continued support since the A5 project began back in June 2004 over 56 companies have been visited with great success.

Mr Bennett commented, “I have been very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with the industry and to be able to pass on my extensive rubber processing and compounding knowledge to the Malaysian manufacturers”.

While Graham Bennett was in Malaysia, he also gave TARRC’s paper at the PRIM Golden Jubilee International Polymer Conference 2010, the most significant polymer conference in Kuala Lumpur, held at the Sunway Hotel.

Mr Bennett presented Dr Andy Chapman’s paper ‘Polymers Based on Natural Rubber: Renewable Materials with Unique Properties’.

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