TARRC first to install new chromatography system

TARRC first to install new chromatography system

TARRC’s Biotechnology Unit has recently acquired the ÄKTA™ avant, a newly developed chromatography system (GE Healthcare). The instrument was the first ÄKTA™ avant to be installed worldwide.

ÄKTA™ avant is the next generation ÄKTA™ liquid chromatography system replacing the older well-known ÄKTA™ express. This machine is a fully automated Fast Performance Liquid Chromatography (FPLC) designed for the purification of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids. It is an extremely versatile instrument in the isolation of proteins at both analytical and preparative scale.

This instrument is crucially important for TARRC Biotech research, and will have a central role in the development of the protein production projects from rubber trees through so-called ‘molecular farming’.

The new ÄKTA™ avant represents a valuable tool for the isolation and the further characterisation of the proteins of interest and its availability is strengthening TARRC’s, and overall the MRB’s, technological capacity.

If you require more information on the ÄKTA™ avant or TARRC’s Biotechnology Unit please contact Dr Maria Kolesnikova-Allen mkallen@tarrc.co.uk




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