The 6th ASEAN Rubber Conference 2010

The 6th ASEAN Rubber Conference 2010, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaARC 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

TARRC's CEO, Dr Kamarudin Ab. Malek, and Director of Research, Dr Stuart Cook both presented papers at The 6th ASEAN Rubber Conference 2010 held at the JW Marriot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between 17th - 19th June 2010.

The ARC is recognised as the premier event for the natural rubber industry players to learn, experience and network.

The objectives of The ASEAN Rubber Conference are to:

  • Bring together both regulatory authorities and commercial players of the rubber world to provide updates on current trends and future challenges faced by the NR industry
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and insight into the global rubber industry and the price discovery of rubber
  • Present unparalleled benefits for business matching potential and investment opportunities in the global NR producing and consuming countries
  • Deliver the latest applications from global research and development programs through a well-designed sponsorship program and an exhibition
  • To provide an annual get-to-together for decision makers from global NR & SR industries that encourages networking and the exchange of perspectives


Dr Cook's paper was presented on Day Two, Friday 18th June 2010:

Paper 1: From Trees to Tyres

  • Identifies where progress is being made in meeting consumer’s demand for increased use of renewable and sustainable resources
  • Selection of traits in the future by sequencing the Hevea brasiliensis genome
  • Role of NR and its derivatives in reducing the carbon footprint associated with vehicle use
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Dr Kamarudin's paper was presented on Day Three, Saturday 19th June 2010:

Paper 10: Natural Rubber: The Green Material for the Future

  • Overview of the many superb properties of NR and its usage in civil, automotive and mechanical engineering applications
  • The major structural change in the Malaysian rubber cultivation industry
  • Explore the possibilities of NR as the future green engineering material of choice
  • Discuss the properties of NR and its minimal contribution to the greenhouse effect as compared to synthetic rubbers

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This conference supports the growth of the rubber industry by delivering objective and accurate information to conference delegates and provides an excellent opportunity for everyone in the rubber community to discuss commercial prospects and opportunities and have a better idea on the market pricing of rubber.

The conference was organised by NextView, the ASEAN Financial Portal.

For more information on the ARC 2010 visit their official website.


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