Dr Stuart Cook presenting paper at SCI's 'Asphalt Carbon Footprint' seminar

Dr Stuart Cook presenting paper at SCI's ‘Asphalt’s Carbon Footprint’ seminar

Dr Stuart Cook is to give a presentation called ‘Reducing the carbon footprint from road use’ at a seminar titled ‘Asphalt’s Carbon Footprint’, organized by the Society of Chemical Industry, the Institute of Asphalt Technology and the Institution of Highways and Transport. The seminar is to be held at Carlton House Terrace in London on Thursday 19th March 2009.

Dr Stuart Cook's paper will concentrate on the benefits in terms of improved fuel economy from using technology for reducing rolling resistance in tyres, silica filled ENR-25 tread compounds will also be highlighted.

This seminar analyses carbon footprints, ways of measuring that footprint, the footprint incurred by asphalt components and construction, examples of means to reduce the footprint, how the industry can improve its performance and how it can enhance its reputation where it currently performs well. All engineers should be striving to assist the industry reduce its carbon footprint and so gain the good reputation that the current efforts of many engineers deserve. The meeting is aimed at practising engineers and technicians in the highway and airfield industry who will be designing, specifying, producing or laying asphalt in order to improve their understanding of how to minimise any adverse affect on the environment.

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