The History of Rubber - Blood, Sweat & Bouncing Balls Lecture

Blood, Sweat and Bouncing Balls: The Amazing and Turbulent History of Rubber

The History of Rubber - Blood, Sweat & Bouncing Balls LectureTARRC invites you to a 'free' lecture being held at the London headquarters of the SCI (Society of Chemical Industry) in Belgrave Square on the Thursday 7th December 2006 at 5.30pm.

The lecture will cover the history of rubber (both amazing and turbulent) since its discovery by the Mayans circa 3000BC.

The speaker is Mr John Loadman, a former employee of TARRC, who has also recently written an interesting book: The Tears of the Tree on the history of rubber.

There will be complimentary wine and mince pies served after the lecture.

If you would like to attend then please complete the registration form and fax it directly to the SCI.

For more information take a look at the SCI website.

If you are interested in the history of rubber take a look at


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