Bonza TV filming at TARRC for Dicovery Channel programme

Bonza TV filming at TARRC for Discovery Channel programme

Filming by the masticator in the Mill roomOn Friday 30th June a film company making a 10-part documentary series commissioned by the Discovery Channel filmed at TARRC to gather footage for one of their programmes. The series made by Bonza TV and presented by Ronald Top (familiar to millions from five years-worth of Grolsch adverts) is based on the history of everyday objects.

This particular episode in which they needed footage from TARRC tells the story of the history of personal transport - from the invention of the wheel to the very latest Pirelli tyres. Presenter Ronald TopFilming consisted of a couple of scenes in the mill room in the morning and the tyre retreading area in the afternoon. In the programme Ronald takes a hands on approach and demonstrates to viewers how rubber is mixed and milled before tyre manufacture even begins. Later on in the programme he goes on to show the different processes of retreading used tyres. The Director of the programme, Richard Nash, was pleased with the filming at TARRC as it highlighted exactly the points they wished to make about rubber and its essential use in tyres.

Other programmes within the series, to be shown in the UK early next year, look at the history of furniture, telephones, lights, heating amongst others.
The series of programmes will then be transmitted staggered in 142 different countries worldwide on the Discovery Channel.

If you wish to know more about Bonza TV or the programmes they produce for the Discovery Channel take a look at their websites.


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