TARRC feature in EAC Show Review

TARRC's Graham Parkinson features in EAC Show ReviewEAC Expo '07

TARRC staff recently visited, as well as co-exhibiting with the German MATRADE, at the European Automotive Components Expo in Stuttgart in May. While at the exhibition the organisers approached Graham Parkinson, of TARRC's Industrial Support Unit, to be interviewed for a feature article in the Show Review magazine on Malaysia's participation at the EAC Expo. The article highlighted the various countries represented at the exhibition of which Malaysia was one of them.

EAC Expo 2007 featured numerous exhibitors whose aim was to entice OEMs and suppliers to establish manufacturing bases in new regions. First off was MATRADE, a trade development corporation from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Graham Parkinson, from the research and promotion centre of the Malaysian Rubber Board, explained: "We want to try and secure outsourcing contracts." According to Parkinson, European companies stand to gain a lot from outsourcing production to Malaysia: "The first advantage is cost - the labour is so much cheaper in Malaysia. But the other big advantage is that we give technical support to our base of Malaysian companies, whereas if you go to China you usually work alone and you don't know what you're going to get. We're partners and we help improve quality and reduce prices."

TARRC and MATRADE will be exhibiting at the EAC Expo '08 in Stuttgart, Germany from 6th-8th May 2008. For more information on the exhibition take a look at the official website. www.eac-expo.com


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Monday 9th July 2007