ECCMR 2005
4th European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber

4th European Conference on Constitutive Models for RubberThe Fourth European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber (ECCMR 2005) was held at The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, between 27th & 29th June 2005. It was the fourth conference in this series in Europe. The previous three conferences were held in Vienna in 1999, in Hannover in 2001, and in London in 2003. All were highly successful and attracted many delegates from a wide variety of disciplines and many of the delegates came from outside as well as inside Europe. The European part of the title only indicates that the conferences are held in Europe.

TARRC Engineers presented three out of four papers in which TARRC were involved. These papers were:

'Fatigue Life Analysis of an Exhaust Mount'
   (H.Ahmadi (TARRC), Dr J.Kingston (TARRC), W.V.Mars, S.Martin, Dr A.H.Muhr (TARRC), K.W.Wong)

'Transient Response of Inelastic Materials to Changes of Amplitude'
(D.Besdo & J.Ihlemann (Institute of Mechanics, University of Hannover), H.Ahmadi (TARRC) & Dr A.H.Muhr (TARRC))

'Energy Release Rates for Small Cracks in Rubber Components'
(Dr J.Gough & Dr A.H.Muhr)

'Modelling dynamic properties of filled rubber in a biaxial stress configuration'
   (Dr J.Kingston, H.Ahmadi Dr A.H.Muhr)

The objectives of the conference were:

To bring together specialists in constitutive modelling, researchers in materials science,
   software development engineers and practitioners of finite element analysis of elastomeric components.
To broaden the scope of modelling beyond stress-strain behaviour, for example to include heat build up, friction,
   electrical properties and fatigue.
To discuss advances in modelling the properties of elastomers, with a view to enhancing the capability of simulation tools
   for elastomeric components currently available
To collate these advances in a hardbound proceeding.

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