'Fracture & Fatigue of Rubber' Meeting

'Fracture & Fatigue of Rubber ' Meeting

A technical discussion meeting on 'Fracture and Fatigue of Rubber' will be held on Friday 23rd March 2007 at 2.00pm at the Institute of Materials in London. Dr John Kingston will be there to present a paper at 2.45pm titled 'Aspects of Cyclic Fatigue of Natural Rubber' - J.Kingston & A.Muhr.

The discussion meeting has been organised by the Rubber in Engineering Committee of the IOM3.

Attendance to the meeting is free of charge for members of the IOM3, although a small nominal charge may be made on the day by non-members. To attend this meeting you must first reserve your place
by contacting James Busfield and giving your name and full contact details.

For more information on this meeting take a look at the programme.

For more information about the IOM3 take a look at their official website at www.iom3.org

For more information on Dr Kingston's presentatation please contact j.kingston@tarrc.co.uk


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