IRC 2006

IRC 2006

IRC 2006The International Rubber Conference & Exhibition for 2006 was held in Lyon, France between 16th and 18th May. Dr Andy Chapman, Head of Advanced Materials & Product Development Unit at TARRC was there to present a paper.

The paper was entitled “Comparison of the chemistry of sulphur vulcanization of different rubbers”. Dr Chapman's paper reviewed and interpreted previous work at TARRC as well as discussing recent work carried out as part of an EU-supported project, entitled ‘Ecozinc’ (full title ‘Reduced zinc in rubber products for an enhanced environment’). The Ecozinc work that was presented investigated the role of zinc in the sulphur vulcanization of a range of different rubbers and also studied in more detail the chemistry of sulphur vulcanisation of solution styrene-butadiene rubbers, comparing the chemistry with that of sulphur vulcanization of natural rubber.

Another paper presented at the IRC 2006 by Colin Clarke of Schill+Seilacher Struktol was “Improvements in Processing and Properties of Natural Rubber based Compounds for Demanding Applications” - which was co-authored by M. Hensel, also of Schill+Seilacher Struktol, and Dr Marina Fernando, Head of the Industrial Support Unit at TARRC. The paper essentially compares NR formulations with DPNR and how additives affect processing.

The Conference took place at Parc des Expositions de Lyon, Eurexpo and was organised by the Association Française des Ingénieurs et Cadres du Caoutchouc et des Polymèrs (AFICEP). The main goal of the IRC is to bring together managers, engineers, scientists and technicians to share ideas and knowledge of rubber and plastics science and industries at national, european and international levels through meetings and conferences.

For more information on The International Rubber Conference Organization (IRCO) and forthcoming events take a look at the IRCO website.

If you require more information on Dr Chapman's paper please contact Dr Andy Chapman.


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