MRB's Rubber Technology Developments Vol. 9
MRB's Rubber Technology Developments Vol. 9 - Out Now!

MRTD Vol.8MRB's Rubber Technology Developments (MRTD) Vol. 9 is now available in Europe.

MRTD is a publication of the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) and is published periodically to disseminate information related to rubber technology developments, statistics, market developments, technology trouble shooting, issues faced by the industry, new chemicals/processing methods, company profiles, technical articles and publications etc. MRTD also gives an insight to the developments in NR technology in Malaysia and provide overviews of the R&D activities of the MRB and TARRC.

Another role of MRTD is to nuture, stimulate growth, advance the development of the Malaysian rubber product manufacturing industry, increase contact with rubber industries across the world and to encourage contributions to the publication.

Articles in this issue include:

The Prediction of Lifetime of Rubber Components
Noise Reduction in Rails Using Rubber
Use of Natural Rubber in Wave Energy Converters
Reduction of Torsion Using Seismic Rubber Bearings
The Importance of Calibration
Scientist in profile: Haidzir Abdul Rahman
Rubber industry statistics ........ And Much Much More >>

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