TARRC's new Industry Development & Promotion Division
TARRC's new IDP Division now into its second year

TARRC's new IDP Division into its second yearOver the years TARRC staff have had to adapt to new challenges and approaches to complement the changing role of the MRB organization as a whole in supporting the Malaysian rubber industry. In 2003 TARRC intensified efforts in the area of the promotion of trade and investment in the Malaysian rubber industry and a new Industry Development and Promotion Division was created with the primary role of instigating these promotional initiatives. Under the new Division, the Market Intelligence and Promotion Unit and the Industrial Support Unit have reassessed their work programmes and have adopted new approaches to promotional activities which include increased participation in European exhibitions.

The core activities of the Division are those related to the expansion of markets for Malaysian rubber products in the West and the promotion of manufacturing activities in the Malaysian rubber industry. The Division's role will be to help develop business relationships between Malaysian suppliers and European buyers and providing technical assistance when required. Officers from both Units will also be actively involved in inviting foreign companies to invest in Malaysia, either directly or indirectly. During 2003, over fifty individual companies were contacted for this purpose in the UK.

2004 saw the Division exhibit at the Automotive Trade Show in Birmingham, UK in March, Interbuild in Birmingham again in April, the Building & Construction Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland in September and K 2004 in Düsseldorf, Germany in October. This was in addition to several Divisional members visiting other relevant exhibitions throughout the year as well as business meetings with potential new investors in Malaysia.

Activities this year will include more exhibiting across Europe which starts with the Automotive Trade Show 2005 in April at Birmingham, NEC in the UK. With this new Division now into its second year after a busy 2004 we look forward to building on last year's efforts and having an improved and more successful 2005.


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