Industry Support & Engineering Design Division
Product Evaluation and Testing Unit

This Unit covers:

Physical testing:

Test to most international and national standards.
Perform testing to a manufacturer’s specific requirements.
Perform tests on components.
Prepare pieces cut from components, as well as using the appropriate test piece.
Develop new test methods and equipment where existing ones are inappropriate.

Dynamic testing of materials and components:

Loads from less than 20N to 2500kN.
Frequencies up to 5kHz.
Temperatures in the range –80ºC to 250ºC.
Multi-axial testing of automotive components on a T-slot bed facility.
Bi-axial testing of structural components with vertical loads up to 2500kN and horizontal loads up to 400kN.

Tyre testing:

4-Station passenger rig with 240kph speed and 2 tonne capacity.
2-Station truck rig with 6.5 tonne load capacity.
Instrumented single station rig for rolling resistance (truck and passenger).
Drum testing facilities accredited to ISO 17025 by UKAS and approved for testing by the VCA as a Technical Service;
   this status permits testing to ECE regulations 108 and 109 without VCA witnesses
Road trailers for accelerated wear testing and determination of wet and dry tyre traction properties.
Fleet wear trials.
Fuel economy measurements.
Tyre retreading.
Tyre analysis, construction and component formulations.

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