Rubber Consultants Brochure
New Rubber Consultants Brochure now available

New Rubber Consultants Brochure now availableRubber Consultants has just produced a new brochure which gives an overview of the company's facilities and the wide range of expertise that is on offer to potential and exisiting clients.

Services covered in the brochure include:

Analytical Services
Rubber in Engineering
Prototype Design & Manufacturing
Rubber Technology
Contract Research
Physical Testing
Tyre Testing

Rubber Consultants' clients come from a wide range of industries which include suppliers, manufacturers and users of polymeric products, pharmaceutical companies and other consultancies and research organisations.

Rubber Consultants' skills and expertise are applied to developing new materials, components and products and to solving real world problems. The professional staff employed at Rubber Consultants ensure that a consistently high quality and confidential service is provided to all clients.

For your copy of the brochure please email your address to this link.


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