TARRC visited by YBhg. Dr Salmiah Ahmad

TARRC welcomes the visit of YBhg. Dr Salmiah Ahmad

On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May TARRC was pleased to welcome YBhg Dr Salmiah Ahmad, the new Director General of the Malaysian Rubber Board and Chairman of the TARRC Board, to its laboratories in Hertford.

This was Dr Salmiah's first visit to TARRC since her appointment in February 2010.

She was welcomed by TARRC's new CEO, Dr Kamarudin Ab. Malek and was given a briefing on TARRC's activities by the Director of Research, Dr Stuart Cook. This was followed by an extensive laboratory tour where she was able to see the new biotechnology facilities. She also visited each Unit where she was given presentations by members of staff about their work.

Pictured bottom left is Dr Maria Kolesnikova-Allen, Head of the Biotechnology Unit, who spoke of the work conducted in the new biotech labs and the new bioinformatics area. Hamid Ahmadi, Head of the Engineering Products & Design Division (pictured middle left), explained the current work being carried out and gave an overview of the projects TARRC has accomplished over recent years within engineering including hydromounts and vibration and noise isolators.

Dr Salmiah then briefed TARRC staff on the future of the Malaysian Rubber Board and the important role which TARRC will play in its new strategy. She then enjoyed a Malaysian style buffet lunch which gave her the opportunity to mingle with staff.

While speaking to TARRC staff Dr Salmiah enthused, 'Focussed R&D, effective and efficient transfer of technologies and life cycle assessment of the industry are our key strategies. Together we are creating an organisational culture in a key R&D organisation that Malaysia can be proud of'.


June 2010
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