Tire Technology Expo 2007

Tire Technology Expo 2007

Tire Technology Expo 2007
Dr Stuart Cook, Head of Materials Research & Development Division at TARRC, is to give a paper at the Tire Technology Expo 2007 on Wednesday 14th March in Cologne, Germany. The three day Exhibition and Conference runs from the 13th-15th March and is Europe's biggest trade show dedicated to the tyre manufacturing industry.

The paper by Dr Cook is presented as part of the 'Innovation in Materials Development' session. The paper is entitled: 'A comparison of different technologies used in tire tread compounds aimed at reducing rolling resistance'.Cologne, Germany

A number of technologies are currently available for achieving reduced rolling resistance in tyre compounds with the aim of reducing fuel consumption. The most widely known is that pioneered by Michelin with their ‘Green’ tyre technology which uses solution SBR/BR in conjunction with silica filler and a silane coupling agent. The specific use of a coupling agent results in a high level of interaction between the polymer and the filler being developed which results in much reduced compound hysteresis which in turn gives a marked reduction in rolling resistance of the final tread compound. Other technologies can however be used to.

If you wish to attend or find out more information on Tire Technology Expo 2007 then take a look at the official exhibition an conference website at www.tiretechnology-expo.com.

If you require more information on this paper please contact Dr Stuart Cook.


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