TARRC & WRAP Programme

TARRC supplies technical know-how and practical experience to WRAP Programme

Measuring tread wearTARRC is assisting Rubber Recovery of Barnsley by providing technical assistance and by running commercial vehicle tyre service trials as a part of the WRAP research programme. In the programme of work, which is designed to demonstrate that reclaimed rubber crumb can be used in high specification compounds such a tyre treads, TARRC mixes the specially treated rubber crumb into tyre tread masterbatch and then builds hot-cure retreaded tyres from the resultant material.

The reclaim material is being studied at 2 different loadings in the virgin compound: 40 and 50%. The materials were mixed during early February; the tyres were moulded in late February.

The rolling resistance of the tyres was measured on a test drum to ISO 18164 (2005). The tyres containing the reclaim rubber had rolling resistances roughly 20% lower than the control compound. This should result in a fuel saving of between 3 and 5%.

The fleet trials began in March and are expected to last between 6 and 9 months, ending in November/December. After an initial period of running, the tyres are measured every month to determine tread wear. It is too early yet to comment on the data.

If you wish to know more about the WRAP programme please contact Paul Brown.


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